Jeez! It’s February now, innit?

Random shit I’ve posted on Facebook:

I’ve found a place to put my shit-stirring to good use. #madskillz #makingamurderer #dontask

Someone found a video I made in my basement. Note that I’ve morphed into a hot Italian dude (nice arms!) and I’ve taken to cussing a lot more but yep, this is exactly how I feel.

The Monkees? 50th Anniversary Tour? Jeebus, I. AM. OLD. Did you know, btw, that Michael Nesmith’s mother invented Liquid Paper? Well, she did! (

The Woo + Making a Murderer = THIS

In case you’re wondering, yes, I’m still a junior detective on the Reddit? #makingamurderer brigade and I’ve been working on my debate skills. I am getting better at citing information plus I’ve tried to be helpful to newbies (they keep flowing in!) There are over 68,000 people in that sub and on average, about a thousand there at any given time. It’s a BUSY place. :)

Also, signed up to be a Bernie Sanders delegate and if I’m chosen, will take my weird self to Philly in July (OY!) to the Democratic National Convention.

January’s vague post:

Dear People, I just can’t with you.

This includes but is not limited to:

1. Donald Trump supporters (what is wrong with your head?)

2. Mopey-ass Debbie Downers and Drama Queens (I bet people see me like that and I don’t even know it so I’ll just say I’ll include myself in here)

3. those who are 100% certain of things they cannot possibly know for sure and

4. fuckwits in general

That is all.

Grumpy McPissyPants




sadnessI don’t have a lot of this in my life and I really want it. You know, those moments when you feel alive and passionate about … something. Those things that make your heart feel full. Like Gal and her Cubs. 

(And FYI, Gal, I actually volunteered to be a delegate for Bernie and attend the Democratic convention in Philly in July. I have to apply for it in person (which I’ll do this week once the federal gov’t reopens) and see what comes of it.)

Does everyone’s life feel mundane with pockets of joy? Or is someone out there living a life of regular joy and pockets of the mundane? I need to know this. Because my life feels grayer than gray most days. It’s possible this is about the thyroid wackiness (again!) and it’s metabolic. I don’t know.

We had a big snow over the weekend (about 18 inches here) but we were prepared for it. Duty loves getting out there with a snowblower – men and their toys, eh? I’m just glad after his heart scare a couple weeks ago that he didn’t do a lot of shoveling.

I wish I had more fun things to say in this post. Alas, I do not. But I was due for an update so you all (3 of youse) know I didn’t perish in the #Snowmageddon2016.

The days are flying by

Aren’t they? Somewhere along the line, mostly by virtue of getting older, it seems that the days fly by just like those calendars in old movies – one page turns into ten turns into three months and before you know it, we’re halfway through the year.

Considering that the last month has been nothing but a haze to me, I’m surprised I’ve gotten anything accomplished at all. :)  Actually, having a super month with PI and a special offer I created and getting ready to soft-launch my “Aligned and Unleashed” program soon. Finally! Back in the saddle again.

Tour of Duty 2016

Had a bit of excitement last Saturday when Duty’s blood pressure shot up for no discernible reason. Uh, I think now is a good time to call 911, said yours truly. So, seven EMTs came tromping in with oxygen tanks and other assorted medical accouterments, checking pressure and heart rate and whatnot.

They decided to take him into the ER just to have other tests done. So, 11 o’clock at night on a rainy Saturday, I found myself driving to the ER in Annapolis (the one with lots of barfing, if you recall from this entry back in 2010).

Fortunately, it was relatively quiet and barf-free (a request I put into my angels on the drive there). After all manner of tests (blood, cat scan, etc), no one can figure out what happened to spike his BP but he’s for sure not having a heart attack. (YEY!)  So, at 4am, we leave the ER and head to the local Diner because breakfast, amirite? I am.

I admit I was scared. All the EMTs were nice in letting me know he was stable and his vitals were good and the docs and nurses at the ER were super but, you know. I don’t like medical stuff and especially when it’s Duty and his heart.

He did follow up with his cardio doc and, of course, more tests are lined up (stress tests and some other stuff) and meds were changed slightly.

Anyway, hopefully, that’s under control and I’m trying not to be a nervous Nellie about it all.


Back to life slowly

I am just now coming out of my almost 3-week haze of bronchitis and near-pneumonia and I’m ready. While I’ve enjoyed sleeping most of the day away, losing weight because food tastes blargy and having Duty fuss over me, it’s past time to feel well again.

Dean Strang


I’m still fascinated with “Making a Murderer” and have deemed defense lawyer Dean Strang as official ‘sekrit boyfriend #2’ Although the internets has also deemed him their boyfriend so I’ll have to get in line for this.

In an earlier time in my life, I wanted to be a lawyer (and after that a journalist and finally, a therapist) so this case appeals to all three of those desires. I’m currently spending a lot of time on Reddit going over the case with others who are as obsessed as I am. Clearly, none of us has a life.

Just wanted you to know I’m alive and mostly well. Hope you all are, too!


Happy New Year!

not interestingSo, yeah. What a holiday, eh? It’s gone by in a fuzzy blur of sleep, coughing, random moments of feeling human and Netflix.

My taste buds are all whacked out thanks to the antibiotics so food has tasted all icky and whatnot. Any soda with aspartame has tasted particularly bad.

We went out for NYE (because we had $150 worth of tickets and I was feeling marginally better) and one taste of wine was enough to put me off all alcohol for the night. I resorted to drinking a coke because it was all I could get down.

Notes from the couch (as seen on my FB feed):

1) the nebulizer treatment makes me all weird(er) and shaky. 3x a day, you say? OY. #shakestheclown

2) Way to start weight loss targets for 2016: down 3lbs and food still tastes like blargh. #brightside

3) Am on the way to becoming junior detective in case of Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey via the Reddit Brigade. #makingamurderer (why haven’t you watched this???)

4) Was out among happy non-sick people last night and got worn out. No dancing for yours truly. #cantbreathe

5) Sense of humor (such as it is) intact. #fornow

Theme of 2015 turned out to be “what am I willing to receive?” and I got lessons out the yin, didn’t I? Interesting that this last illness was about being willing to receive breath, the giver of life. (goes all metaphysical on your ass)

Because I felt so low-level punky, I had to accept help and have someone take care of me. I always worry that I’ll run amok with that and become a diva of sorts, where I order minions (PJ? Brogan? Zippy?) around and get on my high horse, so I try not to ask for anything (much) because of that.

I know I’m weird.

Anyway, whenever I try to do stuff around the house, I get all out of breath and my chest hurts. So, not much of the doing and lots more of the sitting.

Welcome 2016 with your gifts and lessons and joys. I am happy to see you.


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