Who does this belong to?

whoLast night (well, most of the day yesterday) I was angry. At what, I do not know. Just plain angry. That’s a feeling I don’t experience much. Pissy? Yes, I’ll have some of that, thankyouverymuch. But anger? No, not really.

The other day I did some healing work for Duty. I was the energetic proxy for him since I know he’s not about this kind of thing but it’s needed. (Yes, I checked with his higher self before I did it.)

It’s called “Emotion Code” healing and it was hella powerful. That evening, I felt like someone had run my ass over with a truck. I was exhausted on every possible level. Thing is, I can hold A LOT of big energy. Work like this doesn’t usually take me down. But this did. And I was just the proxy! Holy hell.

Anyway, I think the anger was Duty’s because I knew it wasn’t mine. When you’re feeling something that isn’t yours, you don’t know how to process it because it doesn’t even belong to you. You know what finally worked? 9:30 at night I was vacuuming and clearing off the counter of a zillion papers and detrius. I could not take that any longer.

After that, there was a palpable WHOOOOSH! of energy and the anger disappeared.

I can feel it creeping back in today so I’ve decided that returning to the gym is a good way to dissipate that ickiness.

Also too: I need to get back into a routine. Especially because things are really ramping up between new biz/old biz, Angella’s lead coach stuff, BIG assignment from profiling work and I’ve picked up something else to do – volunteering on a Crisis Text Line.  The training alone is 43 hours! I told my Guide team that I was done with new adventures for a while. I think that’s enough on my plate (in addition to gearing up for the “Be who you are, dammit!” tour coming soon(ish?)).

I was born to be on a stage

Lisa on stagePretty sure I was considering it was the first time I’ve done that in this kind of way and I was pretty damn awesome, gotta say.

(Toots own horn)

I was scared to pieces and Wee Spirit Animal had to give me a ‘Come to Jesus’ chat about being visible. FOCUS!! That should be his middle name but damn if he didn’t help and it didn’t work beautifully.

What I think was most interesting to me is that it took more energy for me to remain invisible than it does for me to show up and be me. While I was tired from 3 full days of interactions, I was not the kind of exhausted that comes with these kinds of things for me in the past.

So many awarenesses and so much goodness to come. Join me on the “Be Who You Are, Dammit!” tour with special guest, WSA, won’t you?

More in a day or two. Mama seems to have overloaded herself a bit much. Jeepers.

Duty didn’t think I’d go through with it

inkBut he knows not the power of the Fan Girl! That’s me on the right, pal Judi on the left and the Wee Spirit Animal in the middle.

Surprisingly, it didn’t hurt much. There was some pressure with a pointy feeling to it but it wasn’t constant. He would do a bit, stop, wipe it off and then go again so it was totally bearable. (Yes, I know. Pain tolerance and place on body are relative. For me, though, this wasn’t bad at all.)

He was such a nice guy – put Prince on the tune box and totally indulged us telling him stories and anecdotes and whatnot. Great experience all the way around and I am no longer a tattoo virgin!


backMaybe later this year I’ll get the other one I want done on my back like this woman has. It’s a quote from P and it reads “A Strong Spirit Transcends Rules”.

We’ll see.




I think it’s getting to be that time

Remember back in 2013 when the dentist told me I needed dentures?  And then when I heard it was approximately $20,000 for said items + pain and ick? I ran away as fast as I could from that.

Fast forward 3+ years later (and nary a dentist visit in the interim. I know. Shutup.). It’s time, I’m thinking. One tooth that was previously whole is no longer that. My jaw line, which isn’t fab on a good day, has gotten worse and I really hate seeing my teeth in videos.

I’ve got a few things to get through this summer (Ignite in a couple weeks, various trips (Seattle and Utah in September)) but after that, I think I’m going to get moving on this. Much as I hate the thought of it all, it’s time. Nothing in this situation gets better by waiting.

I found a dentist’s office in Annapolis that I think I’ll look into and get things rolling so that I’ll have a good sense of what $$ is needed for it come Oct / November.

On the bright side, it will be nice to smile. I’ve been very, very self-conscious of that for a long time. (Forever, it seems.)



wine and winingSo, I was bitching on FB about how many posts I’ve started and then erased this week that were mostly whining or vague-booking. Cousin O’Love suggested something and VOILA! I ran with it. (We also have an official page: The Whine Line on Facebook)

I cannot tell you how many posts/comments I’ve started and decided not to share this week. That part of me that wants to whine about stuff and people is strong but the part of me that says “Do you really want to put this energy out into the world” usually wins. Which is a good thing because the answer is not really.

I wish there were a phone line for whining – I could just call and complain and the other person would say “I hear ya, girl” and then I’d feel better and could go about my day.

Would one of youse please start it so I can have such a thing? Please and thank you.

Thanks to Cousin O’Love (Comments, Corrections and Caffeination), I now own www.thewhineline.com wherein I will create a space for all manner of whining so that you can receive your “I hear ya” and go about your day like a normal person.

(Lord, I can barely do the creative work I have in front of me as it is and I added something on? Yes, yes I did. Who wants to play with me on The Whine Line?)

Wee Spirit Animal has had his hands full this week with me picking fights and stirring up shit online both in Prince FB groups and (as is my specialty) on political FB pages, so I wrote myself a love letter. READ MORE »

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