More fun with my auntie

My godmommyYou know, I really do love my aunt. She’s been like a best friend to me most of my life and especially so in my adult life.

She’s supremely goofy, willing to say or do stuff that most of us wouldn’t, just to make people laugh. I fancy myself like that but am not that fearless.

This was her at last night’s festivities, modeling Peter’s “Prep and Landing” hat. I’m glad she came and hung out with us.

I enjoy spending time with her because (as I’ve said) she’s enough like my mom that I feel the same loving energy but not so much like her that I want to run around and stab people.  (Love you, Mom!)

My only wish is that she didn’t live so far away (2 hours one way from here) because I’d visit her more often. (She’s worth the drive, though.)

Change is fun!

hell yes

A little bit of HTML knowledge is dangerous as you can see here. I’m just trying out different themes and whatnot.

Bear with me, Gal.

Tomorrow is family get-together with food (more food!) and babies. I’m down with that even if it means driving all over east Jesus to get there.

(this is not an exciting blog entry, is it?)

Jacked up knee

Yep, it’s all jacked up. Wheee!

It’s been threatening for a week or so, gimping me out here and there but today, as I was dancing to “Me and Julio down by schoolyard”, I moved one way and my knee moved slightly to the other and OUCH!

So, I’ve been moping and gimping along this afternoon, feeling all pitiful and sorry for myself. Also too: in pain.

I am eternally grateful that said knee chose this time to go awry rather than as I’m walking the 900 miles to and from airline gates. So. much. walking.

Still, it’s annoying and painful. Twenty years ago, I sprained my knee and it was some of the worst pain I endured. Seriously, I’d rather have surgery than go through that again. I don’t know if this is sweet body telling me that the chubs are hella outta control or there’s some other metaphysical reason for it but it’s un-fun.

David-Cook-auditions_lOn the bright side, I went to visit my Godmother on Sunday and we had the best time together. She watches a lot of television (she’s 80) so I bought her a Roku so she has a lot of other choices (Netflix and Amazon Prime) now. I hooked it up, showed her how to use it, and we saved some shows to her queue to watch.

In payment, I forced her to watch #sekritboyfriend videos (AI audition where he had the stupidest hairdo – see? It’s bad, yo) and the clip from the recent show where I WOO’d inappropriately. Plus, we watched episode 1 of Jane the Virgin, my fun obsession.

Thanksgiving will be with friends Kim and Sal at a restaurant and I’m good with that. We’ll see Cousin O’Love at Cousin O’Cool’s house on Saturday and there will be food and baby-holding. How does it get better than that?

Hopefully, my knee will allow me to move about without gimping but it surely won’t stop me from eatin’ and greetin’!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all (3 readers)!


A Whirlwind Tour of Event Management!

Hello folks,

dog-848390_640Holy shitballs! I got to see the back end of running a small (40 person) 2-day event and it was exhausting!

I didn’t even do most of the work and just helping from the sidelines wore my ass out.

Angella and her sister Rochelle (who is the event manager and a damn good one at that) do more in one day than I do in a month.

(I only wish I were exaggerating.)

Here are some new awarenesses I garnered during the course of my travels:

❤ Spending 4 days on the GO GO GO was fun but it’s not a way I’d want to live every day.

❤ I am enormously happy being in the background as a supporter. Like, too happy. Like, I can fall into that very easily if I don’t keep an eye on myself.

TSA pre-check FTW! I applied on Wednesday and it was already on my return ticket on Saturday. No more feeling violated and felt up at the security checkpoint. (I will have to find another way for the feel-ups, sadly!)

❤ Allowing myself to be vulnerable in a group of people is fuckin’ hard. I cried a lot. And got called out (lovingly) for hiding. Am I willing to shine this light big big big? Especially when I am more than happy (or so it seems) to fade into the woodwork. Thirty-three years in a support position is deeply ingrained in me. It will likely have to be a conscious effort of mine to stay in the foreground, especially when I most want to hide. (dammit)

❤ Having a room to myself is non-negotiable at things like this. Quietude is one of the major keys to my sanity.

❤ I was happy to come home. Even though all but one of my friends lives in Utah now, my family is here and I was so happy to be back with PJ, Brogan, Zippy and of course, Duty.

More shall follow as it often takes time for whatever gets stirred up in the land of Archuleta* to integrate in a deeper way.

BTW, my thyroid meds seem to be working this time. I feel much clearer and generally happier which is a nice shift from where I was a month ago, eh?

*David Archuleta, who lost to my beloved in 2008 on American Idol, hails from SLC, Utah so that’s why I call it the “land of Archuleta” – I’m the only dork in on this joke.

Chuggin’ along

Hello, it’s me ….

Here’s what’s been going on in the last week!

One: At the show Monday night, I woo’d at the exact WRONG time during #sekritboyfriends intro to my favorite song and it was a MOMENT, shall we say. You can watch it below (it’s the first 3 minutes or so).

Embarrassing? Yes. Yes, it was.

As Gal says “The playful banter proves it: You and Dave have to drop the “sekrit” and your respective spouses have just got to accept that this is bigger than the both of you.”

Heheh – it was a great show (better than the matinee in February where he was on the verge of getting sick and was half awake). He was also pumped that the KC Royals won the World Series (it’s his team, note the sock comment in the video). One of his best shows I’ve been to.

Love my #sekritboyfriend

Two: Insult properly, would you? The mess I see out there, well, the ideas offend me, of course, but even more is the incorrect grammar.

Here’s a “discussion” I had with a “lovely” person over at Mediaite and yes, I’m Totie Capote. (How’s that for a nom de guerre?)

LowHand1954 • 3 days ago
The New Norm is to make it up and LIE/SPI Cycle all the Politico Pravda Facts,to get the Ratings in fro te big $’s The Old and new Soviet in NYC,NY stil breaths Unfortunately,.Since MAtt Drudge many try to copy now on New technology, YOUTUBE TV and Radio and Are just jealous because they get jerked down by the TRUE_FACTS,are paid to lie.and take over the minds of our Young generation but fail.MSNBC CNBC,CNN and Prime Time all,” EHHH FAIL.” !

Totie Capote –> LowHand1954 • 3 days ago
Uh, whut?

LowHand1954 –> Totie Capote • 2 days ago
Hey your just Butt Ugly ! WHUT Way over your had ? Who’s Stepchild do you belong to. Piers Morgan of CNN ?

Le sigh.


insult properly



Three: Motto of my life



Four: Heading out to SLC next week for fun and learning how to put on events which I (pinky swear!) am going to do next year. I wrangled an appointment with the TSA Pre-check office so I can enjoy the bliss of not getting undressed before boarding a plane henceforth. Hope they approve me! :)

What’s new in your world, three people?

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