Kicking up dust

Everything I’m trying not to feel or deal with is being kicked up. I keep trying to push it back down or away and it keeps popping to the surface, unwanted and unbidden. Here’s what’s swirling today: Do I seem like I don’t need people to ask how I am? Like, do I appear to be completely self-sufficient that I don’t need anyone to just say “how are you?” once…

Soon there will be babies for me to hold

  And I won’t have to rely on poptarts for love.  (heh) Cousin O’Cool’s still unnamed boychild shall be making his world debut this coming Thursday (our dearly departed Grandma’s birthday, by the way) and I can’t wait. Then Cousin O’Love’s first grandchild makes his world debut in early March. (No names are being divulged from that faction. What is it with people and their baby names? Out with it,…

Working from home gets mighty lonely

It’s been well documented on these here pages that I love being alone. I love the quiet. I love the peace.  And all that is true. Still, it’s lonely here some days. And I’ve been feeling that a lot more recently. Like people just don’t get me the way I want to be gotten, you know? Since #Sekritboyfriend is back on the road, I’ve been watching the livestream shows and…

People are fuckwits, ya know?

I love the word ‘fuckwit’ – it just sounds nice coming out of my mouth. It’s also British and I am down with the sensibilities of that culture (probably why I love Eddie Izzard so much!). Anyway, people are well and truly fuckwits. Not all, mind. Some. Here’s a thing you might not know about me: I have little rules in my head for the way things *should* go. For…

Sekrit Boyfriend show #6,598

Okay, it was really show number 10 actually and to keep up with the real fans of said boyfriend, I’d have to be on my 10th THIS MONTH! (I kid you not, those people are crazeee!) We saw him at Ram’s Head in Annapolis (the closest I’ve had the opportunity to see him) and it was a mid-afternoon “brunch” sort of show which completely and utterly befuddled dude. To top…

I dig drama from a distance

In my own life, I’m mostly a no-drama-llama but there are times when it calls to me so damn loudly that I have trouble resisting it. I do, of course, because my Guides have decreed it so and I tend to listen to them if I don’t want a smack upside my head. So, no drama. But watching it from a distance is entertaining when my own little life starts…

Resistance is futile?

So, hi. I’m reading this book called “The Miracle Morning” and it’s stirring up some serious resistance. I’m not even into the meat of it yet and already I’m all ‘oh, hell no!’ which often (but not always) means it’s the next step on my path. Dammit. In the book, Hal Elrod talks about getting up one hour earlier and spending 10 minutes each on six things: meditation, affirmation, visualization, scribing,…

Not my circus, not my monkeys

As I mentioned in the last post, I have seen some unsavory things in my business circles that are just appalling.  Lies spinning this way and that, sucking unsuspecting people into the tornado and just creating a swath of ugliness wherever it goes. I’ve heard of people outright stealing ideas from others (this is nothing new, I’m sure) and it includes some big names in my field.  (Not woo but…

Don’t blog about shit while you’re in the middle of it

Why yes! I DID change things around.  Because why not? I deleted a post I had up here because it was me writing in the throes of pissiness over something that is none of my business. I don’t know how many times my Guides had to tell me to “Mind (Your) Own Business” the past few days. I’ve got this weird pit-bull kind of thing going on sometimes where I…

Heeere’s Johnny! (and OJ too)

Oh Kindle Unlimited, how I love you! I get to ‘check out’ ten books a month and while most of my choices are around marketing, online biz and stuff like that there, the last two I’ve picked up have been quite different. ‘Johnny Carson’ by his former lawyer Henry Bushkin is a quick and entertaining read. Having watched the documentary about the late Carson, nothing in this book surprises me…

Keep feelin fascination!

Happy New Year, one and all! I had a lovely holiday filled with gifts, cake, cookies, extra poundage on my ass thanks to the two aforementioned items and joy. Leaving YOPOE (for the last damn time!) was almost as over-the-top as it was when I left in 2012. It’s nice to be so loved and despite all my complaints about being there, most of the people were awesome and it…

2015: Year of radical self care!

First off, Merry Christmas dear three readers! I hope you had a joyful day doing whatever makes you happy. We had a lot of fun at Cousin O’Cool (and kids) house for Christmas Eve- lasagna, gifts and laughter. It was one of our best times yet. Got to visit my Aunt Janet (Dad’s sister) on the way and it’s always so nice to see her. Today was in-law side and…

The snit has ended! Joy to the world!

  And just in time for Christmas, amirite? I’ve slowly returned from the abyss and am back to being my less-snitty-ass self once again. Tree is up and decorated, presents are boughten and (mostly) wrapped, counting down the days until freedom (10) and eating cookies like they’re going out of style. I’ve got a really nice life – I can do what I want, when I want and with whom…

You don’t want me to write anything, I assure you

Because this is how I feel about every single thing. Every. single. thing. So, yeah.

Doggie paddling my way through

Most of my life these days seems to encompass the words “Why bother?”. Apathy is traditionally a sign that my usually-held-at-bay depression is creeping in but this is more a symptom of ennui, I think. I’m stuck in a cage until the end of the year (yes, it’s not too far away now) and feel like I’ve lost some motivation/enthusiasm for my own work. My wonderful coach Jaelin and I…

Gratitude for lessons well earned

Yeah, Yeah, it’s that gratitude time again where a whole wall full of posts on Facebook talk about how we should be thankful for everything and everyone, yada yada yada. And I am. Thankful, that is. This year has been all about the hard lessons. My growing pains, as it were. All the lessons I received this year I earned – both good and not-as-good. Here’s what I’ve learned, eleven…

I do other things besides whine and navel-gaze, ya know

I do! And here are some of them for your reading enjoyment and edification. Yes, Please! I just finished listening to Amy Poehler’s audio book “Yes, Please” and liked it a lot. Tina Fey’s “Bossypants” set the standard and Amy’s work is compared to it a lot (as in “Well, it’s not Bossypants”) but each stands on its own merit.  I liked both but for different reasons. I found Tina…

The hazards of living a conscious life

  So, my wonderful coach reminded me yesterday that my vow to make Grinchy dude’s days ahead “a living hell” would come back to bite me in the ass. Dammit. I know that. And the hard part is that when you know it and do it anyway, the bite in the ass is a million times worse. When I told her that Grinchy dude complains to everyone about everything and…

Yes, I AM judging you!

I know it’s not love and light to admit this – but yes, I am judging you.  Well, not YOU.  But a few people that happen to inhabit my office – I am judging them and they are encouraged to judge my ass right back. Why, you ask? Every year, we adopt several families at Christmas as an office gratitude tradition.  I began this lovely practice in 2009 and it’s been…

Eleven readings in one day – whoa!

My friend and former coach Rixie Dennison asked me to offer intuitive readings at her fall yoga retreat and I was only too happy to say yes. Although, as the day got closer, I was wondering what the hell I was thinking.  Eleven people signed up for readings and I’ve  never done that many in one day – would I even be able to do it? The short answer is yes.  The…

It’s me ….

… and I am eternally grateful to the person who dubbed me the “High Priestess of the Woo” some years back. He managed to hone right in on my soul essence and although he called me this in jest, it stuck and became a big part of my online business persona. Thanks FB0033, wherever you are.   *Soul portrait done by Tania at Maui Soul Prints – she does beautiful work!

And now – the rest of the story

  Wherein our heroine goes from fear to euphoria to breakdown to breakthrough. Jeebus, it’s been a week, yo. I went to bed at 8:30 last night because I am just emotionally exhausted from everything. Act One As you all know, it takes everything I have to go in and tell bossman I gots to go. Putz around on Monday but refuse to let myself off the hook on Tuesday…

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