Catching up

When I don’t write on here for any length of time, that usually means I’m busy processing stuff. Deep stuff that has no words, usually. Ever has it been so. My journals are remarkable for what I don’t write in between spans of time. Here’s an encapsuled version of what’s rolling in my head: 1. PI Rebrand is under way. I’m excited AND nervous which is, I think, a good sign….

It’s starting to coalesce!

Because I was a good chick and waited before blowing up my business this year, I have been rewarded! Plans for a slight shift in PI and whatever that morphs into are becoming clearer and while I’m making just a few small moves, it IS moving! Woot! That’s excellent news. As I mentioned, I’ve been officially announced as Angella’s lead coach and will be out to Utah in September, November,…

I’m trying, Universe, but some days it’s hard

Dear Certain People: Stop talking AT me! Seriously. Jeebus! Why don’t people have conversations anymore? Well, why don’t the people with whom I share my world have conversations? All I get are monologues. And I’m done. I really am. I talk a lot. I always have (if you know me). But I’m self-aware enough that I do try to ask about the other person, what’s going on with them and…

He’s someone else’s husband now, dammit!

  But that’s okay, he will always be my #sekritboyfriend! ♡ And truly, I’m very happy for him. He’s been engaged to someone named Rachael (who, like his other girlfriends, resembles his mother very slightly just to go all Freudian on you there) and has kept this on the DL for a while. I can’t wait to see baby COOKies and all the joyfulness that will come from that. Wishing…

Breathe in Strength, breathe out bullshit


Deep Thoughts

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