This is where I leave you, she said

The transformation that happened while I was at Ignite 2015 didn’t start the day I walked in the door. It started more than a year ago when I was here in Utah for a retreat. I received a Shamanic healing from a wonderful woman and released the energy of my mother. Sidebar: my mom and I had a very contentious relationship. She loved me more than life itself and I…

I’m open to new friendships

There, I’ve said it. Universe, I am open to new, deeper friendships. The kind of friendship that is both give and take, where I feel comfortable taking in the same measure as I give. Remember that meltdown I had back a few months ago about how I must give off those “I don’t need anything” vibes? And how I realized I had to be the one to open up to…

Under the bridge downtown is where I drew some blood

Every morning when I awake, the Universe turns the radio station in my head up a bit louder so I can hear what’s playing. Today it was “Under the Bridge” by Red Hot Chili Peppers. This song is reminiscent of a really confusing time in my life. Kids, don’t get mixed up with someone who is borderline personality disordered if you can help it. It will only make you crazy…

Friends in low places

One of my online woo-pals is currently staying in a homeless shelter until she gets some life stuff straightened out. And it breaks my heart. Her life so far has seen more pain and struggle in 21 years than I have in 54. She’s brilliant. Like, seriously brilliant. An amazing creative person who can whip up detailed courses at the drop of a hat, writes like I never will on…

Living a life examined can be challenging

I’m not sure the title of this post makes sense but I know what I’m trying to say (even if you don’t). :) Of all the things I’ve picked up and put back down in my life, my inner work has remained the one that I carry with me always. My passions wax and wane, one hundred percent or nothing, as my family likes to remind me. Either I’m all…

Deep Thoughts

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Special Apostrophe Unit

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