Heading out west again

Yup Yup, back to the Land of David Archuleta again for a week of retreating, co-coaching and having fun with people. I always love staying in hotels because tubs so for me, these are like mini-vacations. FREEDOM!   I’m away from the dogs and cat, having to now fix elaborate meals (Thanks, Blue Apron, for the help and I’m done with all the prep work. Can someone just deliver me…

Facebook Fun

Since I seem to be at a loss on what to post here, here’s what I’ve written and/or shared on Facebook recently. Life with PJ This is EVERY SINGLE DAY with my sweet PJ. She only ever wants 4 things: food, treats, out or her chewy bone. And she’s hell bent and determined that I divine which of the four it is. Usually, she decides after I’ve offered all the…

I wish I had stuff to say …

… but I don’t. So, here’s some other stuff: **  I am sad to hear about Jimmy Carter’s health. He’s a great man, an under-rated President and an all-around mensch. I have enormous respect for him. I do hope his days are peaceful, whatever time he has left. **  I have no idea what the hell people are thinking when they “endorse” Donald Trump. I get that he’s saying things…

The answer is: Fleh

What’s the question, though? Don’t really have one. Here’s some stuff rolling around in my head because you need to know. 1. I have this weird thing that’s been a thread throughout my life and it’s something I am not proud of. Here it is: there have been times, in the course of some of my friendships, where somehow a switch gets thrown and POOF! I just don’t want to…

Tell me why

… the only person who will get the joke here won’t see this. Dammit. Oh well. Cheers to sending this through the ether in a telepathic kind of way. FB0033, this one’s for you! (Click READ MORE)  

Deep Thoughts

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Special Apostrophe Unit

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