Here’s what I tell my students: often you get guidance from your team to take an action and at the time, it’s not real clear to you why they’re suggesting that or even what you’ll get from it. However, as soon as you take that suggested action, it becomes much more clear about the reasons behind it.

Such was my adventure at Animal Resource Foundation Thursday.

I had to get my ass in gear early to be there at 8am for my two-hour shift so I hustled to drink a cup of coffee, get the dogs all crated and KONG’d (big rubber ball-like things filled with treats and peanut butter) and zoomed off.


This is Rocco – how cute is he?

As soon as I got there, I was introduced to all the animals and put to work mopping and walking.  Rocco, a nine-week-old pit bull was my walking partner and for the most part, he was okay. Except when I annoyed him by making odd sounds and then he decided to take a wee chomp out of my calf.  FUN!!

He knows not his own mouth strength, apparently.  Rocco’s been accepted into a pit bull rescue organization where they know how to teach them not to chomp and that’s a good thing.  (He was cute as a button, though!)

When I got back from walking Rocco, Kara (the nice 6am employee) sent me out to walk Dori and Darby, two older puggles who are much more my speed.  No chomping there at all.  Just walking and more walking.  Glad the weather was nice!

Back at ARF, I got to wash a ton of pet bowls,  love on puppies  and kitties and generally make myself useful for the duration of my shift.

I left after two hours feeling grounded and present.  In the time I was there, I didn’t check my phone, didn’t think of anything else but what I was doing right then.  And I walked. And walked. Something I’ve been putting off doing for a while.  It felt good, I admit.

It became clear to me why my Guides were adamant about getting out of the house and why this adventure showed up.  I was exhausted not only from all the walking but of being focused and present.  It’s what I needed, though.  Back there every Thursday morning at 8am for two hours and I think more of the reasons behind it will be revealed.

Moral of the story: when your Guides “suggest” something (and especially when it comes through the voice of someone else), take that suggestion to heart. There’s good stuff on the other side.



Queen SophiaOh man, this was harder than I thought it would be.

Sophia had chronic kidney disease and a hyperthyroid issue and the two of them together did not play nicely.  Despite watering and pilling and feeding her, she was wasting away even more so it was time to take her over the Rainbow Bridge.

I didn’t even write about it on Facebook (Horrors, I know!) because I couldn’t take a thread of sad.  I was already pretty bummed about it myself and just couldn’t handle the sweet sympathy I knew I’d get.

And I want to send a special shout-out to The Gal and her kitty, Charlotte, for being so sweet and loving, holding us in her heart and thoughts throughout it all. Her messages warmed my own heart just when I needed it. Thank you, Gal. So, so much.

This beautiful Maine coon came to join our household in 2007 after her owner died.  At that time, I had Lucie and Murphy and they were having no parts of a newcomer so we kept Sophie upstairs away from the other two cats.  I was all for trying to get them all together but hissing and spazzing cats made Duty nervous.  (ha!)

Murphy left us in May of 2008 so it was just Lucie and Sophie in the house. At that time, Duty was still traveling a lot for work and took off for England for a month. “Now’s my chance”,  thought I and opened up the door (literally and figuratively) for the two to mingle.  As I recall, it went pretty smoothly (for things like that) and when he came home, we were a two cat household both upstairs and down.

While the two kitties never adored each other (Lucie told a pet intuitive that Sophia called her “an old bag” and she wasn’t having any of that!), they did learn to make peace.  When Lucie had a stroke and left us in September 2012, Sophie ascended the throne to Queen of the household (feline version).

She was just a great cat – rarely any litterbox issues, independent but fiercely loving.  I’d wake up many nights to find her tucked under my chin purring her head off. (I called these my “3am lovies”.)

The last few weeks weren’t fun for anyone and I hated having to shove pills down her throat twice a day and stab her with a big needle every other day.  She hated it and I did, too. All of it broke my heart because it felt like it was just futile.  When she stopped eating no matter what I put down in front of her, and barely moved from the tiny little ball she had curled herself into, I knew it was time to let her go.

I am cat-free for the first time in 22 years.  It feels weird.  Godson of Love and Goofs is hella allergic to cats and has never been here.  I think I’ll stay felineless for the summer so he and his fam can come enjoy the pool.  By fall, it will be time to get another kitty, I’m thinking.

Peace out, Sophia. You were one-of-a-kind and in only the very best ways.

I hate when Duty is right

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Hate it!

someecard spiritual planeBut at least I can acknowledge it AND take action.

Sunday night, out of the blue, he turned to me and mentioned something about how my coach said that working outside the home (at ye olde place of employ) kept me focused and grounded.

(True, she did say that.)

He suggested that I look for something, even volunteer work, to find that groundedness again since I’ve been blathering about how I did nothing at all (pretty much) for PI last week.

I asked what made him think of that and he replied “I don’t know. It just popped into my head.”

That, my friends, is the voice of my Guides speaking.  I know it when I hear it.


So, yesterday I perused the local animal shelter’s volunteer listings and think I’ll send in an application to clean cat boxes or something.  It will get me out of the house, doing something of service and playing with kitty cats and doggies.  Nothing grounds you better than animals which is why I think I’ve always had so many in my adult years. (At one time, I had four cats, two guinea pigs and a dog along with the ever present partridge-in-a-pear-tree.  Need grounding much, Lisa?)

I chide Duty about being, well, let’s say he’s not the most conscious being alive but damn if that wisdom doesn’t slip out now and again.  I once told him he was a teacher to me and he never (EVER!) lets me forget that.

He is, though.

And I appreciate it.



not interestingAnd I hear you all saying “That never stopped you before!” – how right you are, three people. How right you are.

Still, I persist.

Things about which I have a definite opinion

(this will be a relatively short list because, as a Libra, I see both sides often and don’t much care)

1. Everyone is intuitive to the degree that they are willing to be so.

2. Most of the dickhead drivers out there are men. You all have some serious testosterone fueled issues that can often cause trance-like moments of insanity. Just move out of the idiot’s way, let them zoom off and keep yourself out of trouble. You do not have to be the adjudicator of all traffic sins, you know.

3. Either learn how to write or get someone to help you. There is no f’ing excuse for the bullshit I see out there online in newsletters and blog posts. Help is available. And while we’re on that topic, don’t use text speak when you are writing something other than a text. (And even then, I really have to question your judgement.)

4. Equal rights means equal for all. Just because you don’t agree with it doesn’t mean others have to abide by your belief. Just you. If gays want to marry, fine by me! Always been fine by me. What’s the BFD? If your religious issues preclude your understanding that we are all equal in the eyes of God, fine. Live your life by your rules and as long as you’re not running around killing people, have at it. Enjoy your life. Ain’t none of us got to live by your rules. Nor you by mine. See how nicely that works?

5. arm porn David Cook looks much better when he’s not sporting the mountain man beard. I still give the arm porn an A+ though. And he’s forever and always my sekrit BF even if the Cumberbatch inches up the chart now and again.


Peter 2014





And for bonus things about which I have an opinion, here’s my just-turned-four godson Peter with his beloved sheep. (Don’t know what’s up with the sheep-love. We’re just letting that one go for now.)


dramaqueenAnd by “big girl”, I don’t mean granny panties, either.

As I’ve mentioned a trillion times, I live a peaceful, unfettered life.  

For the most part, I do what I want, when I want to and all is well. Suffice to say, I am spoiled. 

Because when I have to do things I don’t want to do, oh my.  I get myself into a huge ass tizzy over it.

Case in point: SophiaKitty’s health

I don’t like to see my pets feel poorly. (Who does, amirite?)  

So, I’m already sad about her health (which is partly my fault for being inconsistent with her thyroid meds on top of which applying them (gel) in a way that wasn’t getting into her system even when I was consistent) and now I’ve got to do all kinds of icky medical stuff to her to get her well including but not limited to giving her a pill twice a day (against her will) and stabbing her with a needle to inject some fluids.

I despise this.  Not because I don’t want her well, of course.  I just hate having to do things that she doesn’t like and fights me on.  I get all spastic and anxious and I know she picks up on that, making it worse.

This ‘having to do shit’ stuff is dragging me down.

(All you moms out there are saying “Shut up already! Do you KNOW what we have to do 24/7??” and to that I say, I know. Tiny violins for me. This is all piddly baby stuff but I have to whine somewhere and why not here?)

Yesterday, I had to have a “Come to Jesus” with myself. That this is making me unhappy is just ridiculous. It is.  I know it. I have got to get the fuck over my tiny princess self.  Suck it up, pill and water the cat and move on.

I’m trying.  I keep thinking of all the parents who are so tied down (with love) to their kids and this is just a cat and whatthefuckeverjustshutuplisa.

It was a better day yesterday because I put on my BGPs and just dealt.

I’ll do the same today.

And tomorrow.

Because it’s what is in front of me to do.

Sorry for the whining.  Maybe one day I’ll show my penchant for writing snark again on here.  I think I’ll change the blog name to  (Oh shoot. It’s taken. BOO!)


Bitchy as I wanna be

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BitchySuck it, haters. I’m complaining just because I can. What? You want I should get a sekrit blog to do this? Hahahha. (Hey, that’s an idea!)

This is what I dare put out to peeps who know me. Could you imagine what I write when no one knows me?


1) I don’t care how old you are, learn how to tag people on Facebook.  If you want someone to see your comment, TAG THEM.  It’s not hard.  Seriously. Pretend you’re writing them a letter if that’s how you have to do it and consider it a salutation.

1a) And while you’re tagging them, don’t use the whole name.  You can shorten it to just the first name.  This bugs me to no end.  (Yes, Gal.  I’m ranting about Facebook again.  I’m sorry. I know you hate it.)

2) It surely must be nice to not have to take responsibility for stuff.  Just go on about your day as if you’re the only one that matters.

3) Don’t send me unsolicited requests for “free mini-readings” – that shit is just stupid.  You’re not a special snowflake.  (Got one last week and was all WTF is this shit? Just no.  I answer politely but the uncurrent of energy is NO.)

4) Thinly veiled rant:  you are only in my life because of someone I love dearly.  Don’t push it or I will get in your face and while I can be love and light 98% of the time, if I go to the other side for that 2%, it will not be pretty. I’m not going to take the high road again.

5) Dogs:  I’m over you.  It’s my fault to begin with because I’ve created little spoiled dorks but we’re gonna shift that shit up.  I love you both but this much time with you is not bringing me joy.

6) And I’m done with the bakery.  I ate sweets like they were going out of style and I’m just done.  Tired of being sluggy and chubby.  Done.

7) I need a vacation.  Can you tell?

Sorry. I won’t rant for the rest of the month. (Looks at calendar and notes I have 7 days left to hold a higher vibration.  I think I can do that.)




Here’s what I’ve learned four days into Duty’s vacation:

1) All the other times he’s gone away, I’ve been working outside the house. This is the first time he’s gone and I’m working from home. Which leads me to point #2.

2) Oh dear God, I’m going insane but very S L O W L Y. (You might not even notice.)

3) Dogs are lovely but not good talking companions.

4) I have no anchor without Duty (or someone to talk to). I feel like I’m un-tethered and floating way out in space.

5) I like the freedom to leave dishes in the sink or run the dishwasher with three things in it, knowing the dogs won’t criticize me.

6) My eating is for shit. With the exception of my one NutriBullet drink just about every day (spinach, banana, apple, strawberries, almonds and coconut milk), I’ve been eating horribly. Just off the rails.

7) All this leads me to think I’m not as far along on the introvert scale as I thought I was. Apparently, the day job provided an enormous amount of stimulation (too much, many days) that carried me along and the balance was fine. Nowadays? Hmmmm. Un-tethered, ambling, lonely and unmotivated.

8) Better pull my shit together fast. I’ve got stuff to do and all this craptastic eating is making me feel like crap. (makes sense)

Also too: send some good vibes please to Sophia Kitty. She’s not been well for a few days and I took her to the vet today. She’s under five pounds which, as the doctor told me, doesn’t bode well for her health.

However, she also has some spunk despite lethargy and dehydration so they’re going to pump her full of nutrients and whatnot, run blood tests and see what’s up. (to the tune of $700, oh you betcha!)

More on this as it unfolds.