Things I am pondering for reasons unknown

Ponderfuls of the week: 1) How come when I start walking every day and enjoy it, the Universe decides it’s time for body weirdness to show up? (Nothing major) 2) Why do people bail on free consultations when it’s clear I’m not going to sell to them? It’s just rude to waste someone’s time. 3) There’s a concept in Access Consciousness about being 50/50 with the world. Showing up as…

Oh for fuck’s sake

Here’s a thing: if you’re pissed at me for whatever reason, it’s better to tell me rather than hurt some innocent bystander. That is all.

I wonder what good things will happen today!

Lookit how positive that title is! Aren’t you proud of me? heh I realized how foggy and sloggy I was getting in the morning with nowhere to go or be at any given time so I got the nudge to start walking the dogs in the hours before it gets really warm. So every day, we’ve taken a 15 minute walk down the bike trail, trying for a bit farther…

Oh, you knew he was going to stay!

So, yeah. KitKat is now a part of our pack. As I knew it would be. Why? Because Duty told me about kitty a while back when his friend was looking to re-home him.And I was all kinda MEH on the idea – said Duty could decide (that is so NOT like me, amirite?). D decided to pass and see if someone else would like kitty as their own. Then,…

Dag, I just fell apart!

Yesterday was Aunt Janet’s memorial service and it was really, really lovely. I hope mine is as nice – peaceful, high vibration, just wonderful. And yours truly cried her way through the speech I wrote. Dammit! That was not how I planned any of it. You know I have a thing about words and how I want to say certain things and emphasize others, right? Blew that all out the…

Deep Thoughts

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Special Apostrophe Unit

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