Wooot! Kim did a fabulous job and it went really well. Better than I thought it would, actually.

I didn’t feel overwhelmed because she just told me where to start and what to do. While I’m not the most compliant of chicks, I did so in this case because I *know* that if I have to both think and do when it comes to this, it’s easy for me to go into overwhelm. She surveyed the room we were to start in and got a plan together. In fact, she’s going to come over every two weeks and we’ll work on it bit by bit.

The cool thing I realized is that she can see potential in a house like I can see potential in a person. We all have to work to our strengths and looking at an empty (or horrifically cluttered) room and seeing what could be is so not mine. But it is hers and I am thankful for that, truly. We went to Kmart to get some plastic bins for things and looked at curtains for my office (yep, I am working to get that together!). She said let’s look at twin sheets because you can use them as curtains with a bit of alterations. I told her I was essentially a 12 year old girl at heart and so we looked at sheets in the children’s aisle. I found something with flowers on it that I loved so we got that. Wheee! That’s a project for another day. I was pooped by the end of the day and I didn’t do even a third of what she did but it brings her the same kind of joy my woo stuff brings me. I find that interesting. (I find a lot of things interesting. For example, the fact that I am content eating peanut butter on one slice of wheat bread for dinner every single night last week. Shhh! Don’t tell Duty.)

It felt really good to let go of a lot of stuff. Duty and I will be making runs to the dump and the hospice place where I donate unwanted items next week. That will make him really, really happy. Happy Duty = peaceful and nice household and I’m pretty much all for that.

She left me a few things to accomplish before she returns in two weeks so I’m going to work on it bit by bit each day. And I know that by creating a space for my intuitive work, it will flow that much more easily to me.

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  1. February 21, 2011    

    Good job! Pat yourself on the back! I know it can be overwhelming. You are very lucky to have someone who is so helpful.

    You will be amazed what clearing out all that stuff, allows you to bring into your life. I can hardly wait to see myself! :)

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