A thing that is not happy

My damn blogs keep getting hacked!  I was able to restore this one but now lost the last post on getting my nails done so BOOO! and one of my other sites got hella hacked and I had to cough up $60 to get someone to help me get it back.  Fuckers.

Okay … so that was a palate cleanser, wasn’t it?

Back to the happy!

Uh, well, let’s see: my woo-bidness is picking back up! YEY!  I am showing up via the podcasts and that’s been big fun! I know things will get going once again when I re-0rient myself with where I want to go.  I knew it and then I ran from it.  Don’t wanna run again.  Feets are planted!


  1. Cousin O'Flair Cousin O'Flair
    August 15, 2011    

    Would you like for me to put those feet in cement? I am Italian…I know how to do that.

  2. August 16, 2011    

    Is there any way to detect who is doing the hacking? Or why? Is it Snarky-centric, or someone messing WordPress?

    I’m glad that you have your mojo and your sense of purpose back! I’d tell you go keep going, but how can you with your feet firmly planted? I guess the proper words of encouragement now would be, “Remember to stay there!”

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