Just odd stuff floating around …

This is kinda sorta how I feel.

And now, a short list of weird shit going on in my life:

1) New kitty cat (Samantha) – sweet(ish) but hella aloof. I guess that’s because she has spent the past however long on her own trying to get by. She was rescued by a nice gentleman and his wife and given good vet care to get her to a healthy place.

Right now, she’s ensconced in my closet where she spends most of her time during the day. I give her food, water and a litter box and she’s happy there (I suppose). At night, she comes out and hangs with me a little bit. Then, retreats to her closet.

It took Sophia about a year to get attached to me. I wonder if that will ever happen with Sammy or if I’ll be living with a cat who couldn’t give two shits about me at all.

2) The energies pre-election were so strong and so intense. Wowza! I was asked to curb my opinions by not one but two people because apparently I’m giving out divisive and negative energy. Alrighty then.

Thing is, I do believe we are all connected and what happens to one happens to all. I’m also wide awake and I refuse to perpetuate a culture where misinformation, lies and propaganda are the norm. I believe in having as much information as possible to make an informed decision. I try to share that information. Sometimes I’m more vehement than others. So be it.

I took a couple lessons from what was said to me and am working with that but being told basically to not say what I felt was …. disturbing (to say the least). I don’t go around trying to censor what others say (I just put them on mute on FB) so I don’t quite understand this whole thing. Some interesting work for me to do around it, I think, because I have lots of feelings bubbling up around it.

3) I’m trying hard to pull my shit together and keep moving with PI stuff and it’s very much start and stop. I have yet to acclimate to working from home, am annoyed with Brogan and his puppy-ness, and wonder if I’m not using all of it as an excuse. I am setting appointments to talk with people about my program although I’m 0 for 2 at this point. (Two more today, two tomorrow, one Thursday and more next week.)

I’m working on the art of the enrollment call so I can offer value and get an opportunity to see if my program is a good fit for my clients. It’s not hard but there is a process and my inclination is to go off in my own direction but that hasn’t worked before. And you know what they say about insanity, yada yada. So, onward.

4) We are not going anywhere for Thanksgiving this year. Family is all splintered and if we were to go anywhere, we’d have to get a dag pet sitter for Brogan so just not doing anything. I’ll cook and we’ll just hang around. Thanksgiving hasn’t been a big family deal in a long time and while I miss that, I’ll deal. Now, if I had to give up Christmas eve at Cousin O’Cool’s house with family, lasagna and fun, I’d be a sad little moo cow.

5) Can you tell I’m grumpy? I should find some things that give me joy.

Here’s a short list just for today:

** I don’t have to get dressed to go to an office on a cold, rainy day.
** Brogan is sleeping peacefully. Maybe I’ll snooze a bit, too.
** Earl Gray tea is in the house!
** Clean favorite sheets on the bed

That’s about it for joy at 7:56am.

Sorry for the whining. I’ll be happier another day.


  1. November 19, 2012    

    Of course, I really don’t know, but it seems to me that the biggest thing to have happened in your life is the “shut up” messages you received.

    I think you should ignore them.

    The “bigger” you get, the more often you’re going to piss off some people. Let them “unfriend” you if they want to. Don’t unfriend yourself?!?

  2. November 21, 2012    

    I predict Ms. Thing will come around. One thing I have learned after a (long) lifetime of owning cats — their personalities change over time. Plus, my cat Charlotte survived a fire at the animal shelter, and she’s jumpy. the vet explained that there are things animals do understand because it’s hardwired into their DNA (like fires and major storms) and things they don’t (like being left with just one owner because of a divorce). So it may just take her a little longer to get her mind around what happened to her and where she is now. Re: Facebook & Twitter — I could SOOOO sense your frustration and I felt so bad for you because putting posts on FB is like howling into the wind. You know who’s following you, you know who you can influence and who you can’t. You’re never going to effectively combat ignorance via FB. I understand your motivation: Election Night at McCormick Place I saw my doorbell ringing/phone banking/envelope stuffing life pass before my eyes and I realized I’ve been volunteering since (gulp) Mondale-Ferraro. You say you don’t want to get into the arena because you don’t want to face hostility, but clearly your FB posts were bringing you static anyway. There’s got to be a way that you can express yourself in a positive way, a way that brings you satisfaction, and actually helps you effect the hope and change you believe in. You’re obviously a creative, talented lady. I bet that in the next two years you can come up with something that works for you and your world. And I’m sorry you have the grumps. The world just looks ooky when you feel this way.

  3. November 21, 2012    

    PS On stage last month, no less an outspoken Democrat than Barbra Streisand was asked onstage if she felt her liberal politics made her “less successful.” Once everyone stopped laughing (pardon me, but what would a “more successful” Streisand look like?), she said it doesn’t matter because she couldn’t be any other way. So there’s that. We are who we are.

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