Just in a mood, you know?

Not sure if it’s because I anticipate my call at 9am to be a difficult one. (Why I think this, I don’t know. After all, it isn’t me doing all the heavy energetic lifting, it’s the Divine. Still. I can’t wait to get past this call.)

Or if it’s because it’s raining and I’d rather go back to bed than talk on the phone to three people today.

I have little pockets of joy (yesterday I was listening to Charlie Brown Christmas and putting up our big (fake) tree and was just really happy in that moment) but there’s a lot of up and down with it. And mostly I feel disgruntled.

Here’s a list of what’s disgruntling me today (because I know you want to read it):

1) Call at 9am
2) Family is drifting apart
3) I’m still eating like shit. (and this is under my control yet I won’t do it)
4) I’m bored with the internets
5) Lots of bucks being laid out for Miss Kitty P. Stinkersons
6) Didn’t handle getting deposits from the people who agreed to join my program and have had to chase them. One missed the deadline so she’s out and the other starts December 5 when she makes the downpayment. Must do that better next time – it’s about holding boundaries and I didn’t do that well.

That’s all I can think of now – there’s probably more but that’s for my journal and not the internets.

Lisa P. Grumpyass

One comment

  1. I’m with you on #3, only for me, it’s clutter. I hate what a pigsty my home has become, only I can’t get off my ass and do anything about it.

    As for #5 … you know my oft-stated stance on this. One day in the (comparably) not-so-distant future you’re going to realize what a feline friend and comfort she’s become. I predict this will happen when she’s ready. Somebody once said that cats allow us bring to nature indoors, and I think that means that they are less domesticated than dogs. So her timetable just isn’t your timetable. I think that’s what cats teach us — to be patient, and to remember we aren’t in control.

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