Snow! And what I’m grateful for these days


Dear People who visit me here,

Thank you! I’m glad that there are some who want to read my blatherings still. I notice that at times of despair or trauma, this space has been my refuge. I need to also find joy and peace here in the good times as well.

Today, I think I’ll share what I am grateful for because even though some days it feels invisible to me, it’s always there. Here goes!

1) Brogan seeing snow for the first time today – it befuddled him and he tried to lick a lot of it up giving him a wet, white muzzle. Too cute.

2) Working from home is best when you hear the roads are crap and you can say “I have nowhere to be but right here.” I can enjoy the pretty snow all I want.

3) Most days, I like Facebook – it helps me keep in touch with my friends (near and far) and I find out about stuff fast that way. Also, it gives me an outlet for my “Town Crier” needs. (I co-mod a page on the Bay Bridge and I get to do it with my trademarked snarky humor and everyone seems happy. The guy who runs it is a bit confrontational and as we all know, I am not. It brings a nice balance to the page and people seem to like it.)

4) While I fell off my routine of going in my “office” at 9am this week, I am making my way back to doing it. I did a big two-night tele-class last week and fried my brain and then had to deal with some fallout so I’ve stepped back a bit. I’m heading back there, though. (YEY for being alive and kicking!)

5) I have such a wonderful best friend. She really, truly gives me so much food for thought, lifts me up when I’m down, listens ad nauseum to me mope and always points the way to a brighter space. In so many ways, I’d be lost without her. Surprise! We’ve never met in person but I couldn’t be closer to her if we did. She’s a gem. Love you, Gorky!

6) I am so lucky that Duty supports me in my dreams. (Literally and figuratively) Since Max left us last year and broke Duty’s heart wide open, he’s been a different person. Like my bestie, he picks me up when I’ve fallen down (a lot lately, it seems) and cheers me on. My wish is to create an income that allows HIM to follow his dream even if he’s not sure what that is, exactly.

How’s that for a not-too-terribly-whiny post? (I just didn’t have the heart to dump on you guys again! The whinies are for my coach and my journal!)


  1. January 24, 2013    

    I adore you.

  2. Jennifer Jennifer
    January 24, 2013    

    Whine anytime, goes great with cheese.
    We love you anyways!

    JennW in california

  3. January 27, 2013    

    Now Brogan is a well-rounded dog for all seasons!

    Happy to be here for the whining, too, you know.

  4. The Other Gorky The Other Gorky
    January 28, 2013    

    Love ya back G!

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