I always feel like somebody’s watching me …

… and I have no privacy. heh

watchingSharing some timely lyrics from the great singer (and son of Berry Gordy) Rockwell.

Good times in the land o’plenty these days, eh? All the woo info I’ve been reading for years has pointed to this as a time of immense, turbulent change.

That includes change in structures that have held our country in place for many, many years. All the secrets tumbling out into the open, the light shining on the dark underbelly of our nation – there’s so much more to come. It has to for all of us to wake up and start looking at what has been done in our name by those in power.

One of the things I learned recently, through working with my coach, is what it means to hold power and use it for good. In a past life, I had access to information and used it very, very unwisely. Mostly for my own benefit, truth be told. Stepped on people, used people – did whatever the hell I wanted to do.

That’s just one reason why I am hyper-alert and appalled by such misuse of power in this life. And also why I have gone in the other direction, choosing to assume little to no power.

Right now, I am working to find the place between giving away my power to others (and then secretly bitching about it in my head) and going in the other extreme and running amok with it (which, admittedly, I really could never do. It’s just the other end of the spectrum for me.)

The middle? What’s known as “the void” – the place that holds my power and also the place I’ve been very scared to approach.

My Guides suggested I make friends with “the void” and just inch my way closer and closer.

I think I’m doing that.

Trying to step out bigger and with less fear.

Speaking my mind even when I know it will cause conflict.

Shining the light on structures that no longer work for where I am and where I’m going.

Lessons, all.

Oh, and PJ fell in the pool. That was fun. :) She’s a big dork. (Like her mama!)

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  1. June 14, 2013    

    What a complicated, fascinating post, and you managed to suss it all out. Sounds comforting, enlightening and confusing all at the same time! As messy as it must have been to have PJ fall in the pool, it must also have been comforting to be confronted with such an explicable and solvable issue.

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