Dammit Gandolfini! Why’d you have to go and die?

tony_soprano Well, I’m so sad. I love, love, love me some James Gandolfini regardless of the role but yes, especially as Tony Soprano.

And 51 is way too young (hell, younger than me!) to shuffle off.

I was a Sopranos fan from the get-go, having been raised in a die-hard Italian family. I recognized the words they used and it felt like I was ‘at home’ watching it, you know?

I haz a sad.

(I don’t usually feel this way over celebrities except for a certain someone who shall (never!) remain nameless, Mr. Cook.)

But JG was on my shortlist of dudes I dig along with Eddie Izzard, and Jon Stewart. Please stop taking my crushes from me, Universe.

Sending a silent prayer to his family for peace. Deaths are so hard when you know they’re coming but when you have no idea and you had no time to say goodbye or anything — hard. Hard. Hard. Hard.


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  1. It’s funny how stuff hits us, isn’t it? I felt way worse about Elizabeth Taylor’s passing than I thought I would. In the 60s and 70s, I thought she was a frivolous, mumu wearing cartoon. But then I saw her movies of the 1950s and early 1960s and really enjoyed her work as an actress. And I came to appreciate her toughness. And then she was gone. And I cared. Which was silly because if anyone sucked every moment of her time on earth it was her!


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