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I have to just say this and I know it’s complaining and I’m working on that but I must list these few things that I am allowing to send me off the deep end:

1) Insipid posts on Facebook: I know, I know. This is an on-going rant. It’s also everyone’s right to post what they want and I don’t have to look at it.

I’ve cut my FB posting WAYYYYY back (personal posting, not PI) because half the time I’m the one being insipid so how can I rail against it if I’m doing it? (Doesn’t stop some people, though.)

People who don’t write well, people who bring the fucking drama all the damn time, people who must share what is in their head 24/7 regardless if it’s anything anyone would be remotely interested in and people who are clueless. I cannot handle clueless and too stupid to look it up. Jeeeeez, back in my day (says ole grandma here), you had to take your ass to the library to look something up. Now you just google it and you’re money. What is so hard about that? I hate all of you. (not really but had to get that out)

2) I was listening to my darling Edwene Gaines today doing a lecture on commitment. She invited up to the stage anyone who wished to make their commitment out loud and gave these instructions three times: Come up, say “My name is (whatever) and I commit to doing (whatever).” PERIOD. You know, because there were a lot of people who wanted to own that out loud and if everyone and their brother told their life story, they’d be there all day.

Mind you, she repeated the instrx three times.

First fuckwit to get up starts telling his damn life story!! I almost blew a gasket. (I’m not sure why but what is wrong with you that you cannot comprehend what she just said????)

He went on and on until she interjected “My name is (whatever) and I commit to (whatever)” for him.

This is one of the things that really, really bothers me. If the instructions are convoluted, well, okay. I understand that maybe you didn’t hear them. But to get up there and BLATANTLY disregard what she just said feels to me like an insult not only to her but to those who had to listen to him. It’s disrespectful is what it is and I got myself into a tizz about it.

(Yes, I know when the reaction is out of proportion to what happened it’s triggering something old for me. Mostly, it made me angry.) Just stop being a dumbass, okay?

3) Lisa’s rules for living #878: It is completely ignorant to write someone you do not know and ask them for free stuff for yourself. It is completely ignorant to ask someone you DO know for free stuff, I think. If they are in a service profession and what they provide is their own knowledge and training, don’t go asking them to diagnose you for free unless they are your best friend in the whole world and even then, I’d hesitate. I know I have my little rules for living and some are quirky but on what planet is it okay to do that?

This rant is because I often get emails from random people (that I do not know from Adam) asking things like this: (and I quote directly)

“Hi Lisa I was wondering if you would be able to look within me to see if I have any entities attached to me and if I do what my points of vulnerability are? Thanks! Hope to hear back from you soon”

Really? Yes, let me take my time (for which I am paid, by the way) and peer deeply within your aura, check out all the astrals that are presumably floating around inside you and prepare a report just for you about where you might want to look for that. And I get to do it for a stranger? How fun!

Here’s my nice email back (and yes, it was nice): “Thanks for your email – while I don’t peek into people’s auras unless they’re my clients and we’re working together to help shift energy, I can say this: if you suspect there might be attachments, most likely you’re correct. They are harmless and can be moved out easily. A good healer/teacher can show you how.”

Whew … okay, that’s off my ample chest. I have lots of forgiveness work to do tonight, I can see.

My name is Lisa and I commit to not complaining like this on my blog until September 1st.

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  1. July 30, 2013    

    Come by! I just bestowed a pretty new award upon your blog.

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