Sherlock, hmm?

I just recently decided to join in on the Sherlock-mania sweeping, well, just sweeping.

Benedict Cumberbatch (what an interesting name, btw) is intriguing in his demeanor, look and attitude.


Not sure what to think of him but I admit that he cuts quite the dashing figure.  Tall, dark and never without his perfectly tied scarf, Cumberbatch fits the character well.

So, as I was ambling along on my daily web jaunt, I found a gif of Sherlock kissing Molly.  The still shot is there on the right but it cannot compare to the damn gif, I’ll tell ya.

Over at Jezebel, someone made this comment with which I wholeheartedly agree: “I want to climb that man, and set up base camp on Fuck Mountain.”

Yes.  This.

It’s the hands.  For real.  The way he moves his hands – well, yeah.

My days of being kissed like that are over, I think. (How sad, innit?)  But oh, what I wouldn’t give for this, just once.

sherlock gif


Click the picture for the action.  Note the hand placement.  (swoon)

And just where is this Fuck Mountain? Can I buy a ticket there? Inquiring and dying to be kissed like this minds want to know.

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