Godson of Love

Look how big my baby is!

He’s just over 10 months old and look at that face. I’m gonna smish him to death soon. (Well, not death but close because I love him so and he’s all mine!!) This is the face of love and he’s got my heart and soul! Happy baby-smishing day to me!

Have yourself a merry little Christmas

Okay, I am officially heading into some Christmas cheer now, peeps. Two days off work will do that for you, I s’pose. I needed those days off, too. I cannot wait – cannot wait – until I am a self-employed WooWoo chick! Those days are fast approaching and I think it will help with the random bouts of grumpassness I’ve been prone to for many years. Today we’ll be heading…

Love this little man!

From cookie baking today – had fun holding my sweet boy and watching the cookies get made! MMM! They were extra yumm! More about relatively boring Christmas party (Hint: I went alone so that = no alcohol) and other events soon. Just had to share this one.


see more Lolcats and funny pictures What haz been seen cannot be unseen. Heed my warning. So yeah. I’m all better (have been since 24 hours after I fell ill) and actually feel quite good. Not sure why but I’ll take it. I had an impromptu snow half-day today when my boss let me leave early so as not to kill myself driving over the big bridge while 2″ of…

Almost finished with the troof

And then I can go back to lying my ass off and making shit up about my life. Because that’s how I roll, baybee! So, I’ve been in a teeny grumpy rut for the past week or so and was having trouble summoning up the requisite love and light stuff over on Practically Intuitive. Started writing a bit about clearing astral entities (I am getting many clients of late loaded…

Deep Thoughts

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Special Apostrophe Unit

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