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Look how big my baby is!

He’s just over 10 months old and look at that face. I’m gonna smish him to death soon. (Well, not death but close because I love him so and he’s all mine!!) This is the face of love and he’s got my heart and soul! Happy baby-smishing day to me!

Have yourself a merry little Christmas

Okay, I am officially heading into some Christmas cheer now, peeps. Two days off work will do that for you, I s’pose. I needed those days off, too. I cannot wait – cannot wait – until I am a self-employed WooWoo chick! Those days are fast approaching and I think it will help with the random bouts of grumpassness I’ve been prone to for many years.

Today we’ll be heading out to Cousin O’Cool’s house for lasagna, babyholding, family time and *presents* – YEY! Tomorrow, it’s the other side of the family with Sister-in-law O’Love’s breakfast buffet (and they’s some goooood eats!) and other fun events. Duty’s family, being of German descent and so very, very different from my Italian one, don’t care if you stay for just ten minutes. My family? You’d get your ass whooped if you stayed less than four hours. No lie. Ask any of the cousins who occasionally read this blog but rarely comment (cough*allofthem*cough).

BTW, thank you all for the supportive comments on my other post. (Jody, yours made me laugh out loud.) Duty and I talked about it all later (he even initiated the conversation) and got clearer about what it was all about. He still doesn’t get me as much as I want someone (ANYONE) to get me but I think we both understood where the other was coming from.

Enjoy your holiday, kids!

Love this little man!

From cookie baking today – had fun holding my sweet boy and watching the cookies get made! MMM! They were extra yumm!

More about relatively boring Christmas party (Hint: I went alone so that = no alcohol) and other events soon. Just had to share this one.


funny pictures-Gramma iz in her room dancin arownd in her unnerwares.
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What haz been seen cannot be unseen. Heed my warning.

So yeah. I’m all better (have been since 24 hours after I fell ill) and actually feel quite good. Not sure why but I’ll take it. I had an impromptu snow half-day today when my boss let me leave early so as not to kill myself driving over the big bridge while 2″ of snow was falling. I must say that the bridge was the best part of the drive home – at least that was clear. The roads? Not so much.

Our office Christmas party is tonight (Friday) and I’m both looking forward to it and at the same time not because I work with some classy peeps and I feel like poor little dorky girl whenever we socialize. Add to that the fact that I have few fancy clothes that fit my chubs so I’ll feel even more ill-at-ease. Still. The party two years ago lives in infamy – I received the Unsung Hero award (I was gobsmacked!) and had five glasses of wine (I really was gobsmacked!) and got a bit raucous. Duty said “remember that you don’t need five glasses of wine to bring out your effervescent personality”. Yeah. ‘Tis true. But sometimes, being extra bubbly effervescent can be big fun. I shall attempt to keep the bubs on the downlow for the party.

Also too, Italian cookie baking commences on Sunday! Whee! Then work for just two days, off three! woooooo hoooo! (can you tell I’m happy?)

Almost finished with the troof

And then I can go back to lying my ass off and making shit up about my life. Because that’s how I roll, baybee!

So, I’ve been in a teeny grumpy rut for the past week or so and was having trouble summoning up the requisite love and light stuff over on Practically Intuitive. Started writing a bit about clearing astral entities (I am getting many clients of late loaded down with them) but that just wasn’t happening. When words become stilted to me, I know it’s not time to write that. Anyway, was reminded (thank you Angels) of my last “Ask an Intuitive” post where I got a good response from readers just asking me questions about something in their life. I would go through and respond with whatever came to me.

When I did it last time, the first person who asked and I answered responded with “Sorry, no. That’s not it at all.” That was awesome to have as a very first comment, right?? LOL Didn’t seem to bother anyone, though. I had about 10 people pose questions.

This time, though, my friend Anna at Psychic but Sane put it out on her Facebook page and her twitter feed and WHOA! I got a ton of people visit the site. On each of the two days I ran this, I got about 300 hits (I usually get about 100 a day). And forty people responded with queries. Very interesting and fun and it totally -totally- pulled me out of my stuck place. Not only that, but I got a bunch of new email subscribers and a couple reading requests. YEY!

So, sludge is gone and I’m back to troofing with consequences. Aren’t you so very, very lucky?

Day 26 → Have you ever thought about giving up on life? If so, when and why?
Just once, really, and the thought of what it might do to those I loved (okay, mostly just Lauren) was enough to pull me back from the edge. It wasn’t even a real thought – more like “It’d be nice to just make all this go away.” So, never seriously. That’s not my gig. I’ll stay ’til I’m done.

Day 27 → What’s the best thing going for you right now?
My excitement about what 2011 will bring for Practically Intuitive. I am hell bent on making that business successful and plan on new offerings and ramping up the marketing and getting my name out there big time. Also, my godson who is the light of my life. And possibly shoes. (you know the ones)

Day 28 → What if you were pregnant or got someone pregnant, what would you do?
I love Gal’s response to this so so much that I am outright stealing it: “This question annoys me because it assumes I’m both sexually active and young enough to get pregnant. We’re not all potential breeders, about to board the ark in pairs, you know.” (Also too, menopause so just no. No babies, no how. Obviously, I can convince others to have them for me, right?)

Day 29 → Something you hope to change about yourself. And why.
Predictably, I’d say my chubs. I’m down with the “hopey, changey” thing and it springs eternal when it comes to me and my body. Joined the gym again (sigh) and will be going there with some regularity but will not be blowing my knees out or anything like last time. My goal is to get there and do the best I can. (Is that sad? Do I suck?)

Also, too: I need to stop following the Sarah Palin blogs but I just cannot seem to help myself. FEH.

Oh, and don’t tell me this manifesting thing I’ve been doing isn’t working! I chose $600 for November’s amount so we can get Max’s teeth cleaned. I got two readings ($150) but by the end of the month wasn’t any closer to the $600. Which made sense since I chose the word “consciousness” and got so much dissonance in the first few days of it that I gave up. (You’re not supposed to do it that way, you know.) But when I look back at the month, while I sorta blew my consciousness around food, I upped it on a couple levels. Anyway – long story short: A woman at work who gives me extra $$ to be her assistant’s back up remembered that she hadn’t paid me for the last 6 months. (I feel guilty taking the money because I would do the work anyway but she insisted.) She gave me a check for (wait for it) $600! Ta-Da! So, last month I manifested $750. Woo hoo!

Gonna aim for more again this month and pick a word that’s closer to what I think my vibration might be. That way, it won’t create so much dissonance.

Wow … I did have a lot to say, yes?

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