Godson of Love

Look how big my baby is!

He’s just over 10 months old and look at that face. I’m gonna smish him to death soon. (Well, not death but close because I love him so and he’s all mine!!) This is the face of love and he’s got my heart and soul! Happy baby-smishing day to me!

Have yourself a merry little Christmas

Okay, I am officially heading into some Christmas cheer now, peeps. Two days off work will do that for you, I s’pose. I needed those days off, too. I cannot wait – cannot wait – until I am a self-employed WooWoo chick! Those days are fast approaching and I think it will help with the random bouts of grumpassness I’ve been prone to for many years. Today we’ll be heading…

Love this little man!

From cookie baking today – had fun holding my sweet boy and watching the cookies get made! MMM! They were extra yumm! More about relatively boring Christmas party (Hint: I went alone so that = no alcohol) and other events soon. Just had to share this one.


see more Lolcats and funny pictures What haz been seen cannot be unseen. Heed my warning. So yeah. I’m all better (have been since 24 hours after I fell ill) and actually feel quite good. Not sure why but I’ll take it. I had an impromptu snow half-day today when my boss let me leave early so as not to kill myself driving over the big bridge while 2″ of…

Almost finished with the troof

And then I can go back to lying my ass off and making shit up about my life. Because that’s how I roll, baybee! So, I’ve been in a teeny grumpy rut for the past week or so and was having trouble summoning up the requisite love and light stuff over on Practically Intuitive. Started writing a bit about clearing astral entities (I am getting many clients of late loaded…

Let go your heart

….let go your head and feeeel it now Listening to David Gray’s song “Babylon” which has to be in my top 5 songs ever ever ever. In any iteration – slow, fast, live, recorded – this song never fails to grab me right at the heart. So, how was your Thanksgiving? Mine was nice – got lots of babyholding in and that’s always a wonderful thing. Good food, time with…

Days of truth and roses

Oh hello again, I didn’t get to babyholdin’ today as planned and in fact, the whole day went to hell real fast so my answers might belie my mopiness. Please to forgive if that is the case, mmmkay? Day 19 → What do you think of religion? Or what do you think of politics? Re: Religion: everyone just wants what brings them peace. And as Thomas Jefferson said “But it…

Love in a time of exhaustion

(with all due apologies to Gabriel García Márquez) Dear Snarkypeeps, Well, Duty and I made it through the weekend and came out the other side alive. The boys made it through as well – also alive. Wanna know what I learned? Lessons from a weekend full of love, spit up, and trains: 1. One smile from the Godson of Love can make up for hours of exhaustion. To see him…

Fireman Pete

Do I love this kid or what? Can you believe he’s six months old already? Time sure flies, don’t it? Gosh, I so cannot wait to be barfed on next weekend! heheh (I actually am excited about 2 1/2 days of full time babyholding! The barf thing is just a bonus, of course!) I am so so so so happy to be home!! Oh my God. I am beyond ecstatic….

Wenches and rums sound good to meh

see more Lolcats and funny pictures All LOLcats, all the time, right? Something is awry with my doggie, Max. His tail is tucked way the hell under his butt and periodically he starts shaking for no reason as if he’s scared to death of something. Not sure what the dealio is. He was fine and Duty took him to get his nails trimmed Monday – I noticed the tail-tucking action…

Exquisite Randomness

Hello Kitties! This has been a craptastic week for yours truly, trying to pull my shit together and failing to do so for the most part. A good talk with my coach yesterday helped clarify matters for me a bit, shed some light on the issues around Duty’s “total attack of the heart” and what it meant for me (and him) from an energetic point of view. ** Pretty sure…

I think P. Dids is in for a wild ride

Mostly because his Godmother sucked hardcore at diaper changing and putting bitty arms through tight t-shirts. Bless his heart for being so patient with me. Although he did barf milk on me later as payback, I’m sure. He barfed on Cousin O’Love too and as far as I know, she knows how to change a diaper (for a boy) and get heads through shirts. In fact, I once saw her…

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