December 19, 2005

Please leave your message after the bitch.

I don't know who's responsible this time: my ISP, the browser, or the server. But whoever it is, they're being a major dick because it's like pulling teeth to get to this page. I am getting really sick of having to load the menu page 3 times just to get something besides a blank page, and the same goes for the "new entry" page I'm using here. By contrast, the edit page for LiveJournal pops up in virtually no time at all.

Therefore, if you don't see me here for a while, please look for me at my LJ. You can even comment there and everything.

It is -10 degrees outside and my furnace has died. I am having neither a warm nor a happy holiday. In fact, I may leave it dead for a while and just buy some space heaters, since the heater I have now heats a whole room and only costs $5-10 a month to run. Three new space heaters plus the stove could do nearly as much as the furnace for half the operating cost. Isn't that fucking sad?

Anyway, like I said, if I'm not here, I'll be there.



Posted by Frida Peeple at 05:35 AM